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FutureNet – How to buy a matrix?

FutureNet – How to buy a matrix?

In this post I would like to show you how you can buy a matrix in FutureNet.

First of all, you need to login to your FutureNet Dashboard and choose Business.

Now choose Friends Tree Backoffice and wait 10 seconds for advertisement to disappear


Now you can see your backoffice. Click ‘Upgrade’ under the matrix you want to buy.

On this step you can choose your payment method. You can choose from traditional bank transfer or payment processors like BitCoin or Payza. You can also use your FutureNet account if you already have enough money.

After you make a payment, your new matrix is immediately ready to use.

You can see the whole process on the video below



How to earn more money on FutureNet

How to earn more money on FutureNet


In this post I would like to show you how you can increase your earnings more than twice. As you should already know, there are 6 types of matrix on FutureNet with different values. Each of them is an independent business. You receive 5% of matrix value every time a new person joins it. But you can also receive an additional commission, called Matching Bonus. It’s just a commission from earnings of people directly invited by you. Value of Matching Bonus depends on matrix you already own. Take a look at graphic below: 


To double your earnings in a fast way, you need to have at least 100$ matrix, to be eligible to receive 50% of Matching Bonus.

Now you need to fill your two levels of matrix with people from your direct invitation. Now when a new person joins your matrix, it goes under two of your friends. It means you receive 5% of matrix value (0,5$) and two of your friends also receive 0,5$. But as your friends earn money, you receive 50% of their earnings, so it’s 0,25$ twice. 

Also pay attention on my active frontliners. I’ve invited only 4 people and I have already 147 people in whole matrix! Do you see that huge potential? It means I invested only 10$ and already have more than 70$ of profit!

You can find more details about that in the video below: