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FutureNet Code – what is it?

FutureNet Code – what is it?

FutureNet Code is a code that you can use to add money to your balance. You can for example generate them for your friends to make their start at FutureNet easier.

To generate a code go to Your Bussiness -> Friends Tree Backoffice -> Commissions -> Sign up keys

Then choose code value and payment method

You can use your FutureNet account if you have enough money.

As you can see my Account Balance differs from Money available for payout. It’s because every commission you get needs to wait 2 weeks before you can use them. If you choose FutureNet Account to generate a code, you need to enter your password and Auth key from application (if you have 2-step verification enabled) for security reasons. Now click buy code and you’re gonna receive ready to use code that you can give to your friend.


If you want to use such a code, go to your Friends Tree Backoffice and click Upgrade below a matrix that you want to upgrade.

Now as a payment method choose FutureNet Code and paste your code

Now your new matrix is ready to use!



DasCoin crew

DasCoin crew

DasCoin is probably the best investment of 2017! Let me show you how widely experienced people create it

Michael Mathias – CEO

  • 23 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience, including the past 8 years as a digital technology entrepreneur.
  • He was Founder and President of location-based social media company Mojo Media (acquired in October, 2014)
  • Founder and CEO of marketplace network TREKA and online gaming company Change Gaming
  • He spent 10 years as a strategic consultant working with a variety of business clients including JP Morgan Chase’s Private Bank
  • 5 years as a marketing executive in the financial services industry with American Express and T. Rowe Price
  • He is a graduate of Princeton University and a resident of Sliema, Malta.

John Pretto – Director

  • Accomplished, innovative and entrepreneurial technologist with over 20 years of senior management experience in information technology, marketing and operations.
  • Chief Technology Officer for R66T (enterprise Wi-Fi)
  • Chief Operating Officer for ComF5 (formerly DigitalFX – digital media marketing platform)
  • CTO and Co-founder of HelloNetwork (streaming media technology)
  • VP of Technology for SmartConnect (video surveillance for gaming)
  • He is a graduate of DeVry University

George Sarcevich – Director, WebWallet

  • He is seasoned international finance and technology executive, with experience that includes 10 years as a Wall Street investment banker at Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns and HSBC
  • He is the Founder of Eagle Ventures, the first technology venture capital targeting the Balkans
  • Co-founder of Bastion Capital, a Belgrade-based financial advisory firm
  • Co-founder and CFO of IX2 Networks, a leading provider of carrier-neutral colocation services based in Los Angeles
  • He is also an experienced advisor to the finance ministries of Serbia and Montenegro
  • He is a graduate of Princeton University

Terry O’Hearn – Executive Chairman, DasFinancial

  • He is a successful entrepreneur with over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in corporate finance, commodities, retail, and technology
  • He was Founder and CEO of Outdoor Access Group (retail)
  • Founder and CEO of iMOZI Canada Inc. (technology)
  • Founder and President of DOLFIN Developments West Ltd. & Safari Corporation (technology)
  • Founder & CEO of Taymad International Corp. (corporate finance and commodities)
  • He attended Sir Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Calgary

Blair Baker – Director of DasPayment

  • He has more than 30 years of diverse STEM experience
  • 15+ of those years in executive leadership in multiple industries, ranging from fortune 1000 to Fortune 8 firms and brings a unique perspective as a business-focused technologist
  • He is a frequent speaker on the Future of Corporate IT, IT transformation, bridging the business IT divide, and security strategies for non-technical executives
  • He introduced the Wall Street-based trading exchange technology that will provide trading solutions for Das Coin
  • He has also introduced unique payments solutions including industry-leading digital enablement technologies that are utilised by the world’s leading telcos, banks, and payments companies

DasCoin is your opportunity to earn money at home, just using the internet!


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FuturoCoin – new cryptocurrency from FutureNet!

FuturoCoin – new cryptocurrency from FutureNet!

I would like to introduce you a new cryptocurrency created by FutureNetFUTUROCOIN.

Let me show you the key points:

  • 100.000.000 coins in total
  • 10% for Company and ROYAL members
  • 20% for Cloud Mining and Affiliate Program
  • 70% for traditional mining over 10 years
  • Listed on big and popular Exchanging Platforms from the beginning
  • Starts with own Blockchain


  • 50 extra FuturoCoins
  • 5 extra FuturoCoins for each Frontliner
  • 1 extra FuturoCoin for each member in your team
  • extra coins for each day of your ROYAL membership


It’s the best way if you want to make money on the internet and generate real passive income!

DasCoin – new license available!

DasCoin – new license available!

There’s a new license available at NetLeaders website.

Also frequency lock increased to 5.5

New license Vice-President offers 225,000 cycles and 2 upgrades. Right now, with 10% bonus and frequency lock 5,5 it gives you 990,000 cycles in total, which is 180,000 coins, for 0,07€ each.


Don’t miss your opportunity and make your future better!

FutureNet – is it worth to buy a higher matrix?

FutureNet – is it worth to buy a higher matrix?

If you really want to earn huge money online, you should consider buying a higher license. If you buy a license for 100$, you will also receive 50% Matching Bonus

You need to remember, that if your friend buys a matrix that you don’t have, you will lose him forever and he will jump below your sponsor. FutureNet gives you huge business opportunity, but you need to think about higher matrix value if you want to make money at home.

You can register by clicking link below




DasCoin – Advocate – Partnership Program

DasCoin – Advocate – Partnership Program

DasCoin offers partnership program which enable you to make money on recommending a licence for minting this cryptocurrency. In order to take part in such program, you have to buy an “Advocate” account for €45 that gives you 3 kinds of bonuses.

1. Direct sales bonus: 10%

Let’s assume that you recommended DasCoin as an investment to your friend who decided to buy a licence for €5,000. You get 10% of this amount which is €500.

2. Network bonus: 10%

This bonus is based on binary matrix. In the example, you have one friend with €5,000 licence (on the left side of a diagram below), then you recommend DasCoin to another friend who buys a licence for €2,000 (on the right side of the diagram). Our 10% bonus is paid on weak leg volume in binary matrix, which in this case is €2,000 so your bonus is €200.

3. Matching bonus: 10-30%

This bonus consists of making money on profits made by people to whom you recommended DasCoin (based on the binary matrix). Let’s change our example a bit. On the left there is a friend with €5,000 licence, on the right there is a friend with €2,000 licence. The one on the right invites another two persons who also buy licences for €5,000 and €2,000, respectively. Now, please, take a look at the illustration below:

The situation has changed and now the left side is the weaker leg from which you will get your bonus (€500), because the overall sum on the left (€5,000) is smaller than the one on the right (€9,000). Therefore, your friend, who invited those two persons, earns 10% of €2,000 which is €200; and you get 10% of this sum as a matching bonus which is €20.

As you can see DasCoin is a great opportunity to earn money at home!


FutureNet – new layout is available!

FutureNet – new layout is available!

FutureNet brings a new layout to the users! It’s now more intuitive and readable. You can hide every section of a menu if you don’t use it at the moment. As a menu is static, it’s gonna hide as you scroll the dashboard. You can quick access it by clicking the button next to the FutureNet logo. Also, you can click a dollar icon next to the notifications to get a quick access to the Your Business section. You can hide and expand your chat now as well.


Mobile Application also has been updated. It looks more professional and it’s more user-friendly. You can already download it from Android Play Store, or iOS AppStore.

If you don’t have your FutureNet Account yet, you can register by clicking the link below


FutureNet gives you huge earning opportunities with low risk. Do you prefer to make surveys for money and earn only few dollars per week? Your choice. But by investing 10$ in FutureNet, you’re able to earn even more than $44,000!

DasCoin – why you should consider buying a license right now

DasCoin – why you should consider buying a license right now

I would like to show you why buying a license as soon as possible is so important if you really want to make money online.

As you should already know, you can choose from 5 licenses which differ in value and are characterised by certain conditions of minting. Look at the table below

As you can see, frequency lock is now 5,4. It increases about every two weeks. The higher it is, the less coins you get. Let me show you that on very simple example.

Let’s say you’ve got 10,000 cycles available and frequency lock is 4. You can count maximum coin reward by dividing cycles by frequency lock, so its

10,000 / 4 = 2,500

Now imagine, that frequency lock increases to 5, so you’ve got

10,000 / 5 = 2,000

As you can see, you would receive 500 coins less, because frequency lock grows up.

When I was buying my license, it was 15% bonus and 3.7 frequency lock!

Let’s compare €5,000 euro license

  • 3.7 frequency lock, 15% bonus, 80,811 cycles
  • 5.4 frequency lock, 10% bonus, 52,963 cycles

As you can see I have almost 30,000 coins more just because I bought a license earlier!

According to analysts, price of DasCoin may reach €5 after the first two years. It means, my additional 30,000 coins would turn into €150,000 of profit!