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BitClub Network

BitClub Network

What is BitClub Network? It’s a mine of BitCoins. Mining is the backbone that allows Bitcoin to function. New BitCoins are created as a reward for miners who secure and verify payments in the blockchain.

Let’s talk a little about BitCoin. It’s the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, that became world’s biggest investment opportunity of all time. You could buy more than 1300 bitcoins for $1 when it started. First transaction using Bitcoin as a currency was paying for pizza 10,000BTC. In 2011 one bitcoin cost $1 and few months later it was $10. It’s $1,014.84 while writing this post! That means that if you bought 100BTC for $100 in 2011, now you have more than $100,000! That’s why investing in BitCoin is so important. Every year amount of mined bitcoins will be lower while amount of user will grow. It means, that price of BitCoin needs to grow up! Analysts predict, that value of bitcoin in next few years can reach more than $10,000 per coin. Let’s see BitCoin’s price for the past two years

Features of BitCoin:

  • It’s decentralized
    That means that bitcoin network isn’t controlled by anyone (no bank, no government)
  • It’s anonymous
    We can hold multiple bitcoin wallets and they are not linked to our names, adresses or any personally identifying information
  • It’s transparent
    That means, that bitcoin stores details about every transaction that ever happened in the network and you can check them on blockchain
  • It’s free!
    You can use bitcoin with no charges, you just pay few cents for every transaction to maintain service.


At the beginning everyone could try to mine some bitcoins at home. Nowadays it’s so much harder, so we need many computers working together to solve the problem. As a reward they gain bitcoins (one mined block is 12,5BTC so it’s almost $13,000 right now). And that’s exactly what BitClub Network does. The Company use our money to buy many new computers so they can mine bitcoins, and they share profits with their investors.

To start you need to register HERE and pay $99 for joining the club. Then you can choose from 3 different mining pools

As you can see every pool works for 1000 day and it’s partially reinvested automatically. By investing in BitClub Network you can build your passive income. Remember, that you don’t get paid in dollars or euros, you receive mined bitcoins. Bitcoin’s value is growing all the time, so it’s great opportunity to take part in that investment! You will also receive some ClubCoins as a bonus – cryptocurrency created by BitClub Network.

You can also take part in Affiliate Program, so you can make money fast. It work’s as a binary tree – you build¬†left and right team. Everytime you invite someone and he buys a mining pool, you receive points.