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FutureNet – Media Points and Services

FutureNet – Media Points and Services

I would like to show you how you can use your Media Points and what services are available at FutureNet.

Media Points amount depends on the Matrix.

  • Matrix 10$ – 1.000 MP
  • Matrix 25$ – 2.500 MP
  • Matrix 50$ – 5.000 MP
  • Matrix 100$ – 10.000 MP
  • Matrix 500$ – 50.000 MP
  • Matrix 1.000$ – 100.000 MP

You can use your Media Points for:

Landing Page

Landing Page is a simple page that helps you to promote your business. You can use pre-made templates and create Landing Page with few simple clicks.



Momentum System

Momentum System is also a Landing Page, but it’s used to promote FutureNet. There is autoresponder available in several languages, but you can also personalize messages sent to the users. Use Momentum System to get more users!


Future Cloud

FutureCloud is a network place, where you can store your files and data. You can access them regardless to where you are and what device you are currently using. It’s service similar to DropBox, Google Drive or iCloud, but here prices are lower and you can pay using Media Points.


Future Blog

Have you ever wanted to have your own blog but you didn’t have enough knowledge about how to launch and use it? With Future Blog, you can create your own blog step-by-step from scratch! You can use pre-made themes and launch your blog in few minutes.


You can also use your media points as a discount at the online store.

As you can see you get real products, not just place at the binary tree. Don’t wait any longer and register now at:


FutureNet – quick news after last Webinar (20.04.2017)

FutureNet – quick news after last Webinar (20.04.2017)

Today I would like to present you some news after last Webinar. There was many important information, so let’s go!

One year anniversary of FutureAdPro! It’s right now the most stable RevShare program!

Mobile Application has been updated, and more updates are on the way!

New Application – FutureCloud for mobile phones is going to be released at the end of April.
It’s similar to iCloud or DropBox, but offers lower prices.

New service – FutureAds was launched. It allows you to promote your posts.

Top leaders from China joined FutureNet! They generate more income in one day, than rest of the world in month!

New payment processor for China – AliPay – is launching soon.

FutureNet Cafe should be opened at July in Warsaw, Poland.

You will be able to withdraw your money as a gold, that will be send to your home!

We already have more than 1 million users in 169 countries!

Credit Cards will be available again as a payment method.

FuturoCoin will start with more than 2 millions of active users!

As you can see, FutureNet is huge and stable Company, that offers many ways to earn money.

If you still don’t have your FutureNet account, you can register now by goin on http://FuturePortal.net



FutureNet Code – what is it?

FutureNet Code – what is it?

FutureNet Code is a code that you can use to add money to your balance. You can for example generate them for your friends to make their start at FutureNet easier.

To generate a code go to Your Bussiness -> Friends Tree Backoffice -> Commissions -> Sign up keys

Then choose code value and payment method

You can use your FutureNet account if you have enough money.

As you can see my Account Balance differs from Money available for payout. It’s because every commission you get needs to wait 2 weeks before you can use them. If you choose FutureNet Account to generate a code, you need to enter your password and Auth key from application (if you have 2-step verification enabled) for security reasons. Now click buy code and you’re gonna receive ready to use code that you can give to your friend.


If you want to use such a code, go to your Friends Tree Backoffice and click Upgrade below a matrix that you want to upgrade.

Now as a payment method choose FutureNet Code and paste your code

Now your new matrix is ready to use!



FuturoCoin – new cryptocurrency from FutureNet!

FuturoCoin – new cryptocurrency from FutureNet!

I would like to introduce you a new cryptocurrency created by FutureNetFUTUROCOIN.

Let me show you the key points:

  • 100.000.000 coins in total
  • 10% for Company and ROYAL members
  • 20% for Cloud Mining and Affiliate Program
  • 70% for traditional mining over 10 years
  • Listed on big and popular Exchanging Platforms from the beginning
  • Starts with own Blockchain


  • 50 extra FuturoCoins
  • 5 extra FuturoCoins for each Frontliner
  • 1 extra FuturoCoin for each member in your team
  • extra coins for each day of your ROYAL membership


It’s the best way if you want to make money on the internet and generate real passive income!

FutureNet – is it worth to buy a higher matrix?

FutureNet – is it worth to buy a higher matrix?

If you really want to earn huge money online, you should consider buying a higher license. If you buy a license for 100$, you will also receive 50% Matching Bonus

You need to remember, that if your friend buys a matrix that you don’t have, you will lose him forever and he will jump below your sponsor. FutureNet gives you huge business opportunity, but you need to think about higher matrix value if you want to make money at home.

You can register by clicking link below




FutureNet – How to buy a matrix?

FutureNet – How to buy a matrix?

In this post I would like to show you how you can buy a matrix in FutureNet.

First of all, you need to login to your FutureNet Dashboard and choose Business.

Now choose Friends Tree Backoffice and wait 10 seconds for advertisement to disappear


Now you can see your backoffice. Click ‘Upgrade’ under the matrix you want to buy.

On this step you can choose your payment method. You can choose from traditional bank transfer or payment processors like BitCoin or Payza. You can also use your FutureNet account if you already have enough money.

After you make a payment, your new matrix is immediately ready to use.

You can see the whole process on the video below



How to earn more money on FutureNet

How to earn more money on FutureNet


In this post I would like to show you how you can increase your earnings more than twice. As you should already know, there are 6 types of matrix on FutureNet with different values. Each of them is an independent business. You receive 5% of matrix value every time a new person joins it. But you can also receive an additional commission, called Matching Bonus. It’s just a commission from earnings of people directly invited by you. Value of Matching Bonus depends on matrix you already own. Take a look at graphic below: 


To double your earnings in a fast way, you need to have at least 100$ matrix, to be eligible to receive 50% of Matching Bonus.

Now you need to fill your two levels of matrix with people from your direct invitation. Now when a new person joins your matrix, it goes under two of your friends. It means you receive 5% of matrix value (0,5$) and two of your friends also receive 0,5$. But as your friends earn money, you receive 50% of their earnings, so it’s 0,25$ twice. 

Also pay attention on my active frontliners. I’ve invited only 4 people and I have already 147 people in whole matrix! Do you see that huge potential? It means I invested only 10$ and already have more than 70$ of profit!

You can find more details about that in the video below: