DasCoin – how to activate your WebWallet account and merge licenses

DasCoin – how to activate your WebWallet account and merge licenses

I would like to show you how to activate your WebWallet.

First of all, you need to receive an email with an invitation link.
If you still don’t have your invitation – don’t worry, it depends on when your license was purchased and if you already verified your phone number on NetlLeaders website.
You can find a video about that HERE.

After clicking the activation link, you can see the WebWallet page, where you can choose from 2 options.

First one is to register new WebWallet account, and second is to merge your license to the existing wallet.

To create a new WebWallet click “Register New Account”. Now fill your personal information and set a password for your new account.

Now you need to check your email again, because you just received a confirmation link. When you click confirm accounts, you will receive a message on your mobile phone with verification code. Now just type it in, and your account is ready, you may now log in.

If you have few licenses, you can create separate wallets for each of them, or merge all licenses to one account. To do that, just log in to your existing WebWallet account instead of creating a new one. Now type in the verification code that you received on your mobile phone, and your licenses are now merged.

Remember, that frequency lock increases every two weeks, so the price of one coin will be higher. Don’t miss your opportunity and get your DasCoin┬álicense now.


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