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DasCoin – how to buy a license and pay with BitCoin

DasCoin – how to buy a license and pay with BitCoin

Today I would like to show you how to buy a license for minting DasCoin, new revolutionary cryptocurrency.

First step is to visit website http://DasCoin.me. Next you need to fill basic information like username, password, your personal information, email address, phone number and country. When you are ready – click REGISTER.

Now check your email for the confirmation link. After clicking ‘Confirm Your Account‘, you are ready to log in for the first time. Now you need to choose one of 6 available licenses.
The higher license is, the better terms and conditions you get and the lower price for one coin.

Now you can choose from 3 payment methods. Bank wire is disabled, so if you don’t have a Gift Code, you need to use BitCoin.

Now you can choose if you also want to buy an “Advocate” license, which will allow you to earn money by promoting DasCoin. Now you need to click “Pay Invoice with Bitcoin“, and you will receive an email with additional information about Bitcoin wallet address and Bitcoin amount that you need to transfer.

If you already have your bitcoin wallet, you should know how to transfer money. If you are not familiar with bitcoin, I will show you how to create an account on exchange platform and buy some bitcoins to make a payment.

You need to visit webpage http://bitbay.net and create your account. Now you need to click ‘Deposit’ on the left side and choose a currency, that you want to use. You can make wire bank transfer with dollars or euros, or just use your credit card. After you deposit your money, go to ‘EXCHANGE’, ‘Instant transaction’ and on the right side choose that you want to quickly buy bitcoins.

Now when you already have your bitcoins, go to ‘Withdrawals’, select bitcoins and transfer exact amount of bitcoin to the wallet address that you received on your email. Transaction needs to be confirmed first, what takes something about 30 minutes usually. In the meantime, you can go to your Dashboard on Netleaders website and confirm your phone number.

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