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DasCoin – new informations from the meeting in Zurich

DasCoin – new informations from the meeting in Zurich

I would like to show you most important information from the last NetLeaders meeting in Zurich.

As you may already know, Blockchain was officially launched and you can view it by going on dascoinexplorer.com.

Let’s now focus on the more important things that took place at the meeting.
A new person connected with dascoin project is Eberhard Wedekind. its a man that was a executive vice president of Volvo company and now his experience will help dascoin to become one of the best cryptocurrencies.

DasCoin also works together with one of the best independent creative agency. they were working with heineken or amazon and generated millions of dollars of income just by one advertisement.

Next person I would like to introduce is Lim Soon Hock, he is best known as the former vice president and managing director of Compaq Computer Asia Pacific, who took the company to 1 bilion dollars from under 30 millions dollars in just 7 years. He wants to introduce DasCoin as a cryptocurrency of trust.

Next important person is Brian Semkiw, founder of Carta Worldwide Рsoftware company that offers digital transaction processing. He was working on ApplePay, Vodafone Wallet, VISA and MasterCard. He is responsible for creating DasPay.

Pavel Bains is next person introduced on the meeting. He is founder of Bluzelle and he is responsible for smart contracts and new features that will be used by a Blockchain.

Next important person in team is KC See. You can find his name at the first page of Robert Kiyosaki’s book – “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. He’s got many years of experience, he built huge structures in Asia and will be responsible for education system about DasCoin.


For more informations about DasCoin, click HERE.

You can buy your license at http://DasCoin.me

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