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What is DasCoin? It’s a new hybrid cryptocurrency designed to deliver an ideal blend of convenience and security. It combines the best qualities of decentralized cryptocurrencies with the best aspects of centralized cryptocurrencies – and eliminates their weaknesses. Let me show you most important features:

    A fixed supply of coins are released as a reward for providing the necessary resources for a dedicated network to exist and expand.
    Only verified participants are enabled to transact in the ledger system, creating an atmosphere of integrity among users.
    The combination of blockchain and distributed network creates an autonomous ecosystem that offers integrity, security and performance.
    Trades and transactions take place instantly and are non-repudiated providing maximum efficiency and integrity.
    Dynamic fee generation based on bandwidth allocation results in no-cost and low cost transactions and world-class performance and scale.
    Bank-level Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance creates a stable transactional environment of verified individuals.
    Identification content within all transactions recorded to the blockchain is obfuscated, providing privacy yet maintaining the integrity of the history of transactions.

What’s unique about DasCoin? It works just like other cryptocurrencies, for example BitCoin, but with one big difference. The Company founders want to bring you brand new feature, which will allow you to use your mobile phone as a credit card. It means that you can use your DasCoins to pay for shopping, coffee, dinner or whatever you want. Let me introduce you a new application called DasPay. It works like Android Pay or Apple Pay. You just need to connect DasPay to your DasCoin wallet and you can use NFC in your smartphone to pay for everything!

DasCoin is just at the beginning and already has 10.000 registered users with licenses. It means that DasCoin has got a huge potential to grow up as fast as BitCoin. Did you know, that you could buy more than 1,300 BTC for just $1 when it was starting? BitCoin was used as a currency for the first time in 2010 while paying 10,000 BTC for pizza! In next year one BitCoin cost $1 and few months later it was $10. While writing this post, BitCoin cost $1,014.84. Do you see that potential? Let me show you BitCoin’s price for past two years

Many friends of mine says something like “I would like to go back in time and buy some bitcoins! That would be easy way to get rich!”. Now you have this possibility with DasCoin! As I said DasCoin is just at the beginning, it means you can buy a coin for 0.03-0.17€. Are you gonna miss that opportunity again? Your future is in your own hands.

DasCoin offers five type of licenses. Bigger license = more profits.
Every license offers something called ‘upgrade‘. It means, your mining cycles are about to double. For example if you have 1,100 cycles, you will get 2,200 after upgrade in total. Bigger licenses has more upgrades available. This way you can get cheapest price. Also you need to know, there is something called ‘frequency lock‘. It’s important to buy your license as fast as possible, because frequency lock will grow! What is it? Let me explain it on example. You buy license for €100. Right now license for €100 has got 1,100 cycles with 30% cycle bonus, frequency lock set to 5 and 1 upgrade available. It means you have 1430 cycles with bonus and 2860 after upgrade (because it doubles your cycles). Now you need to divide your cycles by a frequency lock (2860/5=572). It means you will get 572 coins for €100 so it’s €0.17 for one coin. Do you see what frequency lock does? As it grows, you’re gonna receive less coins for the same price. That’s why it’s important to buy your license as fast as possible, because even if frequency lock grows for new users, it’s not gonna change for you. It means if your friend would like to buy DasCoin in one year and there will be frequency lock 10, your license will still have it set to 5. Let’s take a look at available licenses and opportunities.

Let’s see how does it work on the President License. You get 325,000 cycles with 30% cycle bonus (+97,500) so you have 422,500 cycles in total. You also have 3 upgrades! It means you multiply your cycles by 2 three times (422,500*2*2*2=3,380,000). Now you divide it by frequency lock (3,380,000/5=676,000). In this case you get 676,000 coins for €25,000 – it’s €0.036 for one coin! Do you see the difference? If you buy standard license you got one coin for €0.17 and when you buy President for €25.000 you get one coin for €0.036! That’s why you should consider buying bigger licenses and do it as fast as possible to get low frequency lock and extra income.

DasCoin offers also Affiliate programYou get three types of commissions.
First one is 10% of value for every person that buys a license with your invitation. For example you invite your brother, he buys license for €2,000 and you get 10% so it’s €200 for you.
Second one is bonus from Binary Plan. You get extra money as a commission from your team! As a standard binary tree, you build left and right leg (power leg and profit leg) and you get 10% of commission from the profit leg. For example if you have €5000 on the left and €1000 on the right – right leg is your profit leg and you get 10% commission from it. So let’s say your friend bought license for €5000 and you put him on the right leg. Now you invite your second friend and he wants to buy license for €2000. You put him on the left leg (so it becomes your profit leg) and you get 10% commission (€200) from Binary Plan.
But there is also opportunity to earn easy money. There is special bonus called Matching Bonus. It means you get paid for your friend’s income from binary plan. Let’s say you invited a friend and he is now your level one. Level one is everyone directly invited by you. If your friend earns €1000 from binary plan, you earn 10% so it’s €100. But now every person invited by you friend will become your level two. Every person invited by those people will be your level three etc. up to level five.

Matching bonus commissions:

  • Level #1 – 10%
  • Level #2 – 15%
  • Level #3 – 20%
  • Level #4 – 25%
  • Level #5 – 30%

Why you earn most money from the last level? It’s because you need to build a team! You need to help your friends to grow up and that’s why you earn big money at deeper levels. You can learn more about whole business in the video below.

As you can see DasCoin is huge opportunity to make money online and secure your future!