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FutureNet – Media Points and Services

FutureNet – Media Points and Services

I would like to show you how you can use your Media Points and what services are available at FutureNet.

Media Points amount depends on the Matrix.

  • Matrix 10$ – 1.000 MP
  • Matrix 25$ – 2.500 MP
  • Matrix 50$ – 5.000 MP
  • Matrix 100$ – 10.000 MP
  • Matrix 500$ – 50.000 MP
  • Matrix 1.000$ – 100.000 MP

You can use your Media Points for:

Landing Page

Landing Page is a simple page that helps you to promote your business. You can use pre-made templates and create Landing Page with few simple clicks.



Momentum System

Momentum System is also a Landing Page, but it’s used to promote FutureNet. There is autoresponder available in several languages, but you can also personalize messages sent to the users. Use Momentum System to get more users!


Future Cloud

FutureCloud is a network place, where you can store your files and data. You can access them regardless to where you are and what device you are currently using. It’s service similar to DropBox, Google Drive or iCloud, but here prices are lower and you can pay using Media Points.


Future Blog

Have you ever wanted to have your own blog but you didn’t have enough knowledge about how to launch and use it? With Future Blog, you can create your own blog step-by-step from scratch! You can use pre-made themes and launch your blog in few minutes.


You can also use your media points as a discount at the online store.

As you can see you get real products, not just place at the binary tree. Don’t wait any longer and register now at:


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