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FutureNet – quick news after last Webinar (20.04.2017)

FutureNet – quick news after last Webinar (20.04.2017)

Today I would like to present you some news after last Webinar. There was many important information, so let’s go!

One year anniversary of FutureAdPro! It’s right now the most stable RevShare program!

Mobile Application has been updated, and more updates are on the way!

New Application – FutureCloud for mobile phones is going to be released at the end of April.
It’s similar to iCloud or DropBox, but offers lower prices.

New service – FutureAds was launched. It allows you to promote your posts.

Top leaders from China joined FutureNet! They generate more income in one day, than rest of the world in month!

New payment processor for China – AliPay – is launching soon.

FutureNet Cafe should be opened at July in Warsaw, Poland.

You will be able to withdraw your money as a gold, that will be send to your home!

We already have more than 1 million users in 169 countries!

Credit Cards will be available again as a payment method.

FuturoCoin will start with more than 2 millions of active users!

As you can see, FutureNet is huge and stable Company, that offers many ways to earn money.

If you still don’t have your FutureNet account, you can register now by goin on http://FuturePortal.net



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